Your New Goats

Goat vitals, hoof trimming, common issues, vaccinations/worming, what to expect with your buck, and correct feed. 

Please download and print for your reference!

Kid Sales Policy



A non-refundable deposit of half the purchase price is due within 5 days of buyer agreeing to purchase the animal. We accept Paypal, check, money order, or cash. If deposit is not received the animal will go back up for sale. Deposits will be returned only if:

- animal becomes sick or dies when in my care

- it is in the best interest of the animal or myself to forfiet the sale

When buying from out of state, it is up to the buyer to know all regulations and if a health certificate is needed. If one is needed it will be at an additional cost to the buyer.


All goats born at Great River Ranch will be tattoo'd. These tattoo's will either be registered with MGR, ADGA, or the Scrapie program specifically. (Every breeding goat is required to be tagged/tattooed/microchipped for the scrapie program)


Great River Ranch may not disbud all kids. If you would like your kid disbuded, you will need to request this and make a depost on the kid of your choice. If you would like your kid castrated we can do that when they are weaned at 12 weeks. We prefer the Burdizzo or Ritchey Nipper method. This method involves a clamp like tool which crushes the spermatic cord and blood vessels leading to the testicles. The effect is to prevent blood reaching the testicles so they gradually wither away and die. This is a bloodless, quick recovery method, and it allows us to be able to do the procedure at an older age so the uterers are more mature.


All quality animals will be registered at Great River Ranch.

We do sell non-registered animals also

Delivering/Pick up

Delivering/meeting may be arranged for the cost of gas.

Pick up day will be arranged between GRR and the buyer. Goats will be ready at 8-12 weeks and must be paid in full before pick up. If making final payment at pick up it must be cash only.

Odds and Ends

* NO SINGLE GOAT SALES unless you already have a herd.

* We are not responsible for goats or kids once they leave our farm

* Do not bring your dog to our farm when you come to visit or pick up your kid/goat

* Please schedule a time to come and visit and play with your new family member, we welcome guests. 

* When visiting, for the safety of our animals, please leave your barn shoes/jackets at home. I will provide them if needed. Thank you for your understanding and helping to protect all animal.