Kid/Goat Prices on pictures

All kids born at GRR will be handled often, they will have their hooves trimmed and CD&T vaccine before they leave the farm. 

What’s available: 

MGR Fainting Doe kids 

ADGA ND Doe Kids

MGR Fainting Buck/Wether kids 

ADGA ND Buck/Wether Kids

2-MGR Fainting Adult Doe

    ADGA ND Adult Doe 

3-MGR Fainting Adult Buck/Wether

    ADGA ND Adult Buck/Wether

ND/Fainter Cross Doe 

ND/Fainter Cross Buck/wether  

Nigerian Dwarf Wether Unreg 

Nigerian Dwarf Doe Unreg 

Discounts given for multiple goats and repeat buyers

2019 Goat Kid’s for Sale


MGR Fainting Buck


Streich Fainters Fritz

Horned Blue eyes

DOB 4/2/16

Proven, well mannered, not bucky, long cashmere coat in winter.


MGR Fainting Buck


Great Rivers Chubs

Horned Brown eyes

DOB 4/2/17

Proven, throws moonspots, well mannered, not bucky, cashmere undercoat


Myotonic/Fainting Buck


Prince Harry 

DOB 8/2018

Unregistered Polled Blue eyes

Proven buck with a mild temperament 


MGR Fainting Wether


Streich Fainters Bullseye

DOB 3/30/16

Not bucky, not "in your pocket" surgically castrated at 1 year old to minimize future problems. Great “heat detector“ for your difficult doe’s. 

$150/$100 if purchased with another goat

MGR Fainting Doe


Dolly at Great River Ranch MGR 

Brown eyes,horns,Wattles

DOB 2015 ish registered as found doe. Has freshened 3 times for us, only raised 50% herself. Her kids are Pixie, Biscuit, Polly, Piper and they can be found on the doe page. Koi and Elliot can be found on the sold page. 


Please ask any questions

MGR Fainting Doe


Reba at Great River Ranch MGR 

DOB 2015ish Registered as found doe. Has freshened 3 times for us. Selling as pet only, not to be bred.  NO PAPERS Her kids are Ninja, Olive, and King who can be found on the sold page.


Please ask any questions