Kid/Goat Prices on pictures

All kids born at GRR will be handled often, they will have their hooves trimmed and CD&T vaccine before they leave the farm. 

What’s available: 

MGR Doe kids 

ADGA Doe Kids

MGR Buck kids 

ADGA Buck Kids


MGR Adult Doe 

ADGA Adult Doe 

MGR Adult Buck 

ADGA Adult Buck

ND/Fainter Cross Doe kids 

1- ND/Fainter Cross Buck kids 

Nigerian Dwarf Buck Unreg 

1- Nigerian Dwarf Doe Unreg 

Discounts given for multiple goats and repeat buyers

2018 Kids/Goats For Sale


Nigerian Dwarf/Fainter ”Kudro”

Brown eyes

DOB 4/21/18

Sire Streich Fainters Fritz 

Dam Maggie


Sweet personality, stocky build, not in your face. 

MGR Myotonic Wether


Streich Fainters Bullseye

DOB 3/30/16

Not bucky, not "in your pocket" surgically castrated at 1 year old to minimize future problems.

$150/$100 if purchased with another goat

Nigerian Dwarf Doe



DOB 2014

Horned, unregistered, herd queen, nanny goat to other babies


Alpaca Dryer Balls

100% organic alpaca fiber made into dryer balls. Reduces static, reduces drying times, hypoallergenic, an all natural chemically free alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softener. 

3/$15 or 1/$6