Prince Harry - UnregisteredFainter

Harry is a blue eyed polled Fainter that is as mild mannered as they come.
DOB 8/12/18


Great Rivers Princess Kate

Horned Brown eyes MGR registered Fainter/ Nigerian Dwarf. Sweet personality, great mom. As a young FF last season I milked once a day for 48 days for a average of .736 pounds a day.

*Chance of polled, Blue eyes

1st doe_________________
2nd doe _______________
1st wether ______________
2nd wether______________


Loretta- Unregistered Nigerian Dwarf

Horned brown eyed Loretta brings the possibility of flash. Her previous kids have been loud and beautiful. Chance of: Polled, Blue eyes

1 st Doe________________
2nd Doe________________
1st Wether_______________
2nd Wether_______________

Breeding Pairs 2020 - Sir Oscar


Andy’s Acres Sir Oscar

Our blue eyed handsome guy here comes from a dam that earned her milk stars with high butterfat content! He is one of the sweetest on the farm. 


Smithvilles Farm L Buttermilk

Sweet disposition and a easy milker. Adequate teat size with large openings.
*Guaranteed blue eyes

ADGA regist

1st Doe___________
2nd Doe__________
1st Buck___________
2nd Buck__________

Smithvilles Farm L Nutmeg

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