Goat Milk Soap and Lotion Bars

Hand milked goats for hand made products. 

  • Our soaps and lotions are simply made with simple ingredients that are listed with each bar.

  • Scent for both soap and lotion comes from high quality 100% Essential Oils or 100% Phthalate Free fragrance oils

  • All soaps and lotion are made in small batches to ensure consistency and high quality. Soap is then cut by hand and placed on a rack to cure. Weight is approximate of 3-4 ounces and colors may change from picture with curing. 

  • No artificial colors used in any product

  • Lather bars are made with free range eggs from our chickens here on the farm

  • Please discontinue use if any irritation or sensitivity occurs.

Thank you for choosing Great River Ranch

Due to limited supply it will be on first order basis. 

Soap will not ship until September 9th, 2019. For any orders placed before that time.